The Local Rate (0845) and National Rate (0870) service can provide an organisation with a unique telephone number, which allows customers, prospects or members to call anywhere in the country at either local or national rate, from any telephone in the UK.

The incoming call can be diverted to any standard telephone line of the client’s choice. This can be any fixed landline in the UK excluding payphones.

Local or national rate numbers can be used in advertising campaigns or for customer help lines. They offer a proven way of increasing business and developing customer loyalty. Customers associate these numbers with larger, quality companies, and allow marketing in areas where no physical presence exist.

Owners of Local Rate (0845) numbers pay a universal single rate per minute at all times.

There are a variety of pricing structures for owners of National Rate (0870) numbers. Key benefit is that some of these numbers can actually generate an income for the owner each time a call is made.

This offers:

Substantial savings.
Simple to understand monthly billing, with geographical analysis.
No charge to alter the routing of calls to another number.
Existing number can be transferred to an alternative OSC supplier with no disruption.



These services really work! They encourage customers to contact you and help generate business. You may have an existing number, but want better rates, or be considering this for the first time.

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