The UK Freephone Service can provide businesses with a unique telephone number, which allows their customers or prospects to call at no charge to themselves, from any telephone in the UK. They can select the site and telephone number to which the Freephone calls are diverted. This can be any fixed telephone in the UK, excluding payphones.

A Freephone facility encourages enquiries from potential customers as well as being a proven method of attracting business from existing customers. Research indicates that Freephone numbers can generate three times more business than conventional numbers. Additionally it can:

Provide a free customer service or help line.
Increase customer loyalty.
Set a company apart from the competition.
Increase geographical coverage in a cost-effective manner.
Enable staff away from the office to call in at substantially reduced rates.
Be used as a free fax number.

The owner of the Freephone number pays a universal low rate at all times. There is no monthly rental, no connection charge or service fee. Many businesses that would not have considered a Freephone number in the past, due to it being cost prohibitive, can now afford to do so.

Potential clients with existing BT 0800 numbers, can arrange to move the service (keeping their existing number) from BT to our recommended supplier benefiting from lower rates and improved billing analysis.

You may already be enjoying the benefits of an 0800 number, or be considering introducing this highly effective tool. Either way OSC can ensure you get the best rates and functionality available.

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