OSC can source providers who are able to offer a one-bill solution that combines your telephone, mobile and data related charges all on one easy to understand monthly bill.

Outgoing, incoming, mobile call services and Internet access costs are all presented in a format that makes it easy for you to see your total costs and usage at a glance. Bills, provided monthly, are available online, email or by paper.

Alongside normal call itemisation OSC can also recommend the same provider provides a Management Reports that graphically, statistically or in a tabular format highlights specific trends within your usage patterns. This information, allied with the ability to manipulate the core data should you choose to receive it electronically, means that you are always able to accurately and swiftly make sound management decisions based on the quality data they provide.

In summary our recommended supplier can provide:

One bill solution with charges for all services on a single, easy to understand monthly statement.
Available online, email or by paper.
Detailed management reports including most frequently dialled numbers, most expensive calls, calls by time and destination etc, all with the aim of allowing you to manage your budgets better.

Clear, accurate billing has always been one of OSC Telecoms priorities, and we ensure that our recommended partners are able to provide this level of detail to all our clients

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