Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) is a mechanism that allows end-users to select, in advance, alternative Communications Providers to carry their calls without having to dial a prefix or install any special equipment at their premises. The end-user subscribes to the services of one or more CPS operators (CPSOs) and chooses the type of calls (e.g. all national calls) to be carried by them. The end-user may have a direct retail relationship with the CPSO, or may purchase the service via a CPS Reseller. The end-user is billed for these calls by the CPSO or CPS Reseller.

A simple solution

CPS is fully automated. So there's no need for new equipment and the caller doesn't 
  need to dial a special prefix for their call to be routed via your chosen network. It's available to anyone with a BT line on a wide range of line types, including PSTN, ISDN, Featureline and Featureline Embark.

Built-in flexibility

Because CPS is applied on a per-line basis, it can be configured to suit your needs. You can choose which types of calls are subject to CPS. And you can apply CPS to a line in a number of configurations to suit your calling profile. Lastly, CPS is cost-effective and very reliable.

Home Users

OSC through recommended partners can
  enable business customers to add any BT phone number in the UK to our recommended partners telecom account, this will allow business employees based at home to make business calls, at business rates.

There is no need for an engineer to visit their home and no need for equipment to be on site. It doesn’t affect the employees’ account with BT and when your monthly bill arrives all your employees’ calls are fully itemised. The number of calls, duration and the total cost of calls are clearly listed on the bill.

CPS is just as cost-effective as it is easy to use. We take care of everything. At the same time, it’s a reliable solution that’s robust and transparent in use.

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