Having strong relationships with many different Telcos in the UK industry, One Stop Communications are able to offer a diverse range of Call plans and Business line packages to save you money on calls and rental charges. Our packages include the following:

Business lines & Calls

Choice of calls with inclusive minutes
Peak/Off Peak call packages to Mobiles
Bespoke packages based on large volumes


ISDN2 lines are used for voice and data communications and start from 2 channels (lines). It can also give you access to the internet, much like a standard phone line. The key difference to a standard line being
  the ISDN2 channels can be used separately - so you can use the internet on one channel and receive a fax or make a call on the other. Some of the features and Benefits of ISDN2 are detailed below:

Ability to support video conferencing
Supports DDI functionality
Call on Hold
Call Deflection
Voice and Data call forwarding


This service is suitable for larger businesses, it allows you to connect between eight and thirty 64k channels (lines), so these can all either be used separately, allowing multiple calls to be made at the same time or combining the channels to increase bandwidth. By increasing bandwidth it allows you to
  support services such as video conferencing or transferring large files. IDN30/30e can also be used for creating a Wide Area Network (WAN). This is done by linking 2 or more Local Area Networks (LAN) which allows you to link multiple offices together. These link’s will require routers at each end to connect the LAN hubs to the ISDN lines. Benefits for ISDN 30 are as follows:

Faster Data Transfer – which is useful for transferring large files
The option of performing multiple tasks
Unlimited DDI’s - allowing frequent callers to get straight through to you, without passing through a switchboard
Disaster Recovery Options – If for any reason your services is disrupted. We can re-route circuits and calls to various locations, meaning your business is never affected.


Too busy to spend time researching the market? We will review the best options for your business and show you what you will save by using an alternative supplier. We also ensure a smooth, seamless transition should you decide to change.

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