OSC Telecoms, working with key suppliers for the UKs leading networks, Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3, T-Mobile and EE can recommend highly competitive tariffs. We are ideally placed to provide independent advice on all new emerging technologies and how clients can actually utilise this effectively to benefit their business. In line with our overall philosophy, our mobile tariffs and profile recommendations represent the best possible mix of value and service.

With free itemised billing and a wide variety of tariff options, we can ensure that you will always be making the most effective use of your mobile services.

There is no denying that searching the market place for the correct network, tariff and handsets for your users could become a very lengthy, time consuming project.

Surely it would be better to put this important task in the hands of highly experienced professionals who are prepared to offer this consultancy FREE of charge!

OSC will carefully analyse your call usage and take into account your needs and wishes to ensure the best all-round mobile communications package. Some customers whom we have already helped have found themselves with cost saving tariffs, improved handsets and more comprehensive billing analysis, without paying a penny!

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