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Full Telecommunications Audit

OSC Telecoms Consultancy will analyze your company's existing telecommunications services and systems to identify billing errors and opportunities to reduce your overall costs.

Telecom Projects

OSC Telecoms Consultancy will provide advice, guidance and recommendations to help your company make the right decisions regarding your telecommunication projects.

Professional Services

Review telecom/mobile options or proposals
Hardware equipment and recommendations
Project Management Services
Mobile/Land Line call analysis

Specific Advice

Hardware upgrades and replacements
Office moves and relocations
Network integration and expansion
Remote working
Adoption of new technologies

OSC Expert Recommendations

Mobile phones and tariffs
Telecom providers Carrier Pre Selection (Local / National / International) Calls
Telecom providers Business Lines
SIP Trunks
Phones Systems/Hosted PBX
Non-Geographical Numbers
Disaster Recovery
Broadband services / products
Are you sure that you are getting all the benefits from your existing telecommunications service provider?

With today's ever increasing choice of telecommunication companies, VoIP, Voice, Data Services, it can be hard to ensure you are getting the best possible solution for your business.

Why not let us examine your existing telecom profiles and propose an alternative solution that could potentially save you 1,000's, and improve your productivity.

Furthermore, the recommendations we make are unbiased, and based entirely on your company's best interests. So you see... you really do have nothing to lose.

Need more answers?

Should you at any time require further and more specific information, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information on our contact information page.




  Absolutely true to their word. With the detailed information supplied, we were able to make significant savings on our telecommunications overhead, which we found to be critical during the recent downturn. I would highly recommend OSC Consultancy to any business or organisation looking to streamline their telecommunications.    We knew our existing communications systems needed an overdue overhaul. OSC Consultancy came through for us, making the transition fuss free and totally seamless. Our mindset was to put any replacement off, believing that it would cause major disruptions - OSC Consultancy proved otherwise. Thank you so much!.    After our initial contact, OSC Consultancy not only made our communications more efficient, but by giving us the power to make important key decisions, we have been able forecast a healthy ROI over the next 12 months. Thanks to their crucial advice, we are exactly where we need to be. 

Mel Smith
IT Manager - Brauer

Philip Powel
Systems Manager - John Deere

Steve Neate
Finance Director - Sports Leaders UK

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